What are Inventory Management Software Principles?

The management practices in modern inventory management solutions began to develop during the industrial revolution in the late 1800s. Soon after inventory management training consultants developed programs to educate distribution managers.

In the ERP software era Gordon Graham paved the road for today’s inventory management consultants. Graham’s books remain popular introductions: Distribution Inventory Management for the 1990s (1987) and a companion volume, Distributor Survival in the 21st Century (1992).

Charles Bodenstab viewed order history as an inventory management database and brought to it the power of statistical analysis. The methodology has become standard in today’s more sophisticated wholesale distribution systems. Bodenstab explains statistical practices in his book, A New Era in Inventory Management for the Distribution Industry (1993).

Jon Schreibfeder introduces multiple techniques for each inventory management topic in a well-organised reference manual, Achieving Effective Inventory Management.

The goal here is to introduce the techniques managers will find in their inventory management software and these three resources for further study. Good stock management solution that is based on these principles helps to reduce the pain and efforts in managing inventory and will get your work done fast. There are many inventory management software available on internet, you cud sign up for them here

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